yorimichi times (macchapanda) wrote in lunch_boxes,
yorimichi times


here's my lunch box...

+boiled asparagus
+baked fish
+steamed rice

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oooh, it's great! and furoshiki too! I hope Tomoe had time to find me a cool box too.

We looked for sausages like those but we can't seem to find them here. What kind of fish is it? How is it prepared?
i got those obento goods from this donuts shop in japan 'mister donuts'. you can get some points when you buy donuts there and if you collect 10 points you can get a prize! and i got those hm like 2 years ago. you dont have sausages like those in the states? hmm, maybe you can use a kind which you use when you make a hotdog. just cut in pieces and bake them. the fish is saba. just microwaved it.
that's a lot of sausages for a little midori :p
haha i can eat more!